Custom Made from 100% Recycled Wood Products

Simply, we make the highest quality kitchen cabinets Calgary has available.

Cabinets can be made many different ways and we believe our construction is second to none. To produce them we use the highest grade Hard Rock Maple Melamine. Produced by Tafisa, these panels are made here in Canada from 100% recycled wood fibres. No trees were harvested for the production of this product. This product has no Formaldehyde added and meets the strictest California standards for indoor air quality. Our veneered wood products also contain this core of 100% recycled wood.

Many companies construct their cabinets from 5/8” thick melamine to reduce cost. We however use 3/4” material for the sides, tops, bottoms and shelves of the cabinet. This 1/8” difference makes the wood 77% stronger. Cabinet backs are made of 1/2” melamine instead of the cheaper less durable 1/4”. The 1/2” back not only aids in strength and durability it also ensures that the cabinet will be truly square.

When installing toe kick we use 3/4” plywood covered bases, with 3/4” stained wood to match your cabinet colour. This combination is very durable and prevents damage if the toe kick is hit with shoes, vacuum or any other house hold item.


Perfectly Squared Corners

Another perfectly aligned and squared cabinet corner by Evolve Kitchens

Custom Made from 100% Recycled Wood Products

Our drawers are made in house with 1/2” thick Baltic Birch Plywood. Baltic Birch is an extremely strong, void free, highly compressed plywood. Each piece of plywood is made from 9 thin alternating grain plies, which are glued, then pressed together. The final product is extremely dense, strong, and durable.

After the drawer boxes have been built, we add a round profile to the top edges of the drawer. This round shows the beauty of the Baltic Birch as well as eliminates any sharp corners.

Lastly the drawer is sprayed with 3 coats of lacquer, to provide the beautiful durable finish.

These custom made drawers sit on top of the finest under-mount slides available. (Blum full extension soft close drawer slides ) No more slamming drawers, these slides close themselves safely and silently and work perfectly, even when fully loaded to their 40kg / 88lb capacity. This great weight capacity opens up new storage solutions. No longer do you have to store heavy items in shelves behind doors. Now you can put your mixer or baking supplies in a drawer where it’s easy to access.

We put the same care and quality into our drawers as we do our Calgary kitchen cabinets and best bathroom cabinets – every time, for every client.

Baltic Birch vs Melamine Drawers

Quality Craftsmanship Gauranteed

Photo of 2 full paint cans hanging from single piece of the cabinetry boarding that Evolve Kitchens uses to prove material strength

1/2” by 1/2” Baltic Birch supports two full paint cans without cracking

Misc photo of paint can with unpainted boards by Evolve Kitchens

1/2” by 1/2” Melamine could not support one can without cracking


Made to Last

Perfectly flush and squared cabinet corner made by Evolve Kitchens

Custom Made from 100% Recycled Wood Products

Particle board has a bad rap. It was typically associated with poor grade kitchen cabinets and inexpensive Swedish furniture. Many people have said that it’s stuffed with poisonous chemicals, it’s weak, and sags over time. They were right, it was, and some melamine still is today. It’s time to change your view of particle board.

We work with melamine every day. We cut it, sand it and we breath its dust. It was through concern for our health that we searched out the product we use today. Not only do we feel safe using it, you should feel safe with it in your home.

Our wood products are made from 100% recycled wood product. It is held together with a bonding agent that has no added formaldehyde. The blend of wood fibres that make up the core are comprised of 30% hard wood and 70% soft wood. This allows a screw to truly bite into the wood without pulling out. All of our material is 3/4” which prevents sagging on long shelves and adds strength to the cabinets. Unlike plywood, melamine is perfectly flat, it does not warp under changing humidity.

We wouldn’t work with anything else, and we wouldn’t put anything else into your home.  Thats how you know you’re getting the best Calgary kitchen cabinets available.

Evolve Kitchens' cabinet wood is sustainable and all made from 100% recycled wood products