• Before photo of the cabinets we replaced surrounding a built-in fireplace. While these cabinets were not as outdated as some we've dealt with, just wait til you see what we did for this client!
  • Talk about a world of difference! We made these beautiful dark brown custom cabinets in a shaker style, complete with shelves and a built-in desk. The matching mantle adds a perfect finishing touch.
  • Another mid-demolition shot of where we ended up installing some of our favourite horizontal walnut cabinet projects. Scroll through to see the finished product!
  • After photo of the horizontal walnut cabinets that run throughout this truly contemporary kitchen. This kitchen looks so good now, we think it should be on the cover of a magazine!
  • Mid-demolition shot of where we ended up putting some gorgeous new horizontal walnut custom cabinets.
  • After photo of the finished product. We could not be more proud of how great these horizontal walnut cabinets with brushed steel knobs worked out!
  • Another before photo from a different angle showing just how much outdated cabinetry needed to be replaced throughout this space.
  • After photo of the same kitchen, but with totally new custom cabinets throughout. Just goes to show what a huge difference some new, high-quality custom cabinetry can make!
  • Before photo of another dated kitchen in desperate need of some new high-quality, custom-made cabinets by Evolve Kitchens!
  • The after shot of a kitchen we made cabinets for. Header image for before and after portfolio page and fine example of the work we do.
  • A mid-project shot of where we were about to install some beautiful new custom closet cabinets.
  • After shot of the finished project. These white laquer custom closet cabinets are simple but elegant, and will stand the test of time way longer than the clothes they're meant to store!
  • Before shot of the dated kitchen, this time with an adorable pooch closely inspecting the old cabinets.
  • After shot of some amazingly efficient kitchen storage space with shaker styled laquer cabinets throughout.
  • Before shot of another clearly outdated kitchen with boring laminated particle board cabinets. We custom designed cabinets to make this space look like a truly modern kitchen.
  • Full shot of the finished kitchen with elegant white laquer shaker-style cabinets lining the walls and matching dark brown cabinets on the island to bring out the beautiful wood flooring.
  • This kitchen was outdated with old, dull cabinets throughout. We made new, crisp, and modern custom cabinets that added natural brightness and space to this room.
  • After shot of some truly gorgeous white laquer kitchen cabinets, courtesy of Evolve Kitchens.
  • Dated kitchen cabinets that have since been replaced by custom kitchen cabinets by Evolve Kitchens
  • Beautiful white laquer kitchen cabinets, custom made by Evolve Kitchens
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Before and After

We love seeing how a custom cabinet can enhance any space. Coming up with unique storage and display solutions is some of the most challenging and rewarding work we do. The sense of accomplishment bringing these jobs to life and knowing our clients are satisfied is our passion.  Whether it's kitchen cabinets Calgary - or anything else - we are more than happy to help!