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Before and After

Our passion.

We love seeing how our custom cabinets enhance any space, just as much as we love seeing how happy our customers are when we’re finished the job.

Creating unique storage and display solutions is some of the most challenging and rewarding work we do. The sense of accomplishment we get from bringing these jobs to life and knowing our clients are satisfied is our driving passion.

A dramatic difference.

To the right of what you’re reading now are a collection of ‘before & after’ photos of our projects. You can see for yourself the dramatic difference installing quality cabinets from skilled professionals can make.

From pantries with sliding pull-out shelves to full-wall workspaces with custom shelving, cupboards, desk, and a matching mantle – we have built it all.

Deliberate with details.

Our job demands a keen eye for details. Why? Because something as small as a 1 millimeter space can ruin an otherwise gorgeous installation.

Think of how annoying it is opening a drawer that isn’t aligned properly, or how frustrating it is when your wardrobe door doesn’t close correctly because 1 hinge is slightly off. We make sure even these little details are done right the first time so you don’t have to worry.

Whether you’re looking kitchen cabinets Calgary – or anything else – we are here to help.