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Kitchen Cabinets Portfolio

In this portfolio you can see kitchen cabinets for every type of kitchen and space. And many of our styles are shown: modern, traditional, shaker, rustic, and minimalistic.

The varied types of wood finish and paint are also on view.  As are the types of cabinets and storage, such as drawers, china closets, wine racks, pantries, kitchen desks, and kitchen islands. There is also storage for cutlery, utensils, dishes, pot and pans, kitchen towels, dry and canned goods and all other the other stuff you want and need in your kitchen.

Take a look at the cabinets on this and other portfolio pages to see the quality for yourselves.

From handles, knobs, and pulls to drawer sliders, pullers, and lazy susans, every part of the cabinet is important and we pay attention to every detail. That’s why our custom cabinets and cupboards are so darn good.  We make sure each and every drawer, every wood finish, every kitchen accessory is 100% premium quality.

You can tell from the photos that we use only the finest grade recycled wood products, so our cabinets are both environmentally friendly and expertly crafted. You can also see that we remove dated, drab, awkwardly arranged cupboards, and in their place, install cabinets that are stylish, eye-catching, and efficient.

What you can’t see here is inside the cabinets. To help your kitchen be more organized, we install slide out shelves for pots and pans, drawer organizers for spices and cooking utensils, pantry cupboard door racks for canned goods, or any cabinet organizer that will make your kitchen and you live and cook better together. And the insides of your cabinets will look as good as the outside. See the insides here.

Or check out our kitchen cabinets home page for more information.

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