Calgary Bathroom Cabinets

Beautiful styles for any size space

Bathroom Cabinets

Beautiful Bathrooms start with Quality Cabinets.

Thinking of purchasing a custom built vanity or cabinet for your bathroom? Look no further! We make the bathroom cabinets Calgary loves.

We are the top pick for your new Calgary bathroom cabinets, offering a very impressive selection of vanities and cabinet designs for every size, shape, and style of bathroom.


From built-in single vanity stands to stand-alone double (or more) vanity stations, our custom bathroom cabinets and restroom vanities are made to order. We offer more styles and sizes than you can imagine, with finishes that are beautiful, distinct, and durable.

Medicine Cabinets.

Gone are the days when your bathroom’s medicine cabinet was a small box on the wall beside the sink. Today’s medicine cabinets are varied, versatile, and come in enough styles and sizes to suit even the pickiest designers.

Toilet and Bathtub Shelving.

Sometimes it’s hard to fit everything you want and need in your bathroom. This is where innovative and strategic shelving truly comes into play!

From custom shelves for your toilet area to specially designed cubbies and storage nooks for your bath and shower spaces, we create some of the most original and ideally suited storage solutions for your bathroom.

Sinks and Faucets.

While we don’t make sinks or faucets, we do make some of the most appealing fixtures to place them in!

After so many years of building custom bathroom cabinets and vanities, we’ve developed a keen eye for design and detail. We take whatever sinks and faucets you choose for your bathroom renovation and craft our cabinets, cubbies, and countertops to complement them perfectly.

Best of all, our custom made bathroom cabinets are affordable.

Come visit us and feel the difference at Evolve Kitchens, where luxury is made affordable.

Our bathroom cabinets Calgary workshop is located in the NE quadrant of the city, making it easy for our local clients to stop by to see how their custom cabinets are crafted.

We’re very proud of all of our cabinets – see why we’re the best choice to be your Calgary cabinet makers.